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"Sweet Baby Jane" Cream

"Sweet Baby Jane" Cream

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"Sweet Baby Jane" is a new product that is based in the purest of coconut oils and flaxseed oil. It also contains aloe vera and is loaded in Vitamins A, B and D and Omega 3's and 9's. This product is excellent for people of all ages and is great for helping to heal diaper rash along with other rashes. Forms a protective barrier on the skin and is a great anti-inflammatory. "Sweet Baby Jane" is available as unscented or in fresh cucumber fragrance and comes in a 4 oz. jar.

Ingredients: water, coconut oil, flax seed oil, glycerine, a natural emulsifier and fragrance if scented.

Usage: use small amounts to the body as needed.

View a description of our fragrances by visiting the Fragrance Dictionary link. 

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