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How long does it take to fulfill and ship an order?

Orders will take approximately 3-5 business days of production time prior to shipping. We ship using USPS Priority Mail, meaning you may receive your order 2-3 days after it's been shipped. When the order is shipped, you'll receive a USPS Tracking Number sent to the email you will be using during checkout.

What is the difference between natural and organic?

In some cases there is no difference except in price. Natural means natural, and in most cases a mechanical extraction of oils from seed., such as olive oil or grape-seed oil. These seeds are pressed and the oils are obtained. Some companies look at organic as a way of inflating price. Its the same as bottled water. You can find wide ranging prices in bottled water, but is the water different or just the price. What natural and organic have in common is no petroleum distillates. If you look at our ingredients you will notice they are very recognizable and well known. When we say coconut oil, it is coconut oil, not cocamidopropyl betaine. Try to read the ingredients on a grocery store bar of soap. You may have trouble reading, but you won’t have trouble reading our ingredients.

Most bar soaps contain animal fat, do yours?

No, animal fat, also known as lard, tallow or sodium tallowate and other names are still the same. It is a cheap filler to replace more expensive and better ingredients such as coconut oil, palm oil or olive oil. The old style lye soaps contained animal fat but it was also a time when most families had farms and were slaughtering their own animals for meat, it was a good way for families to use up the fat. But again it is a cheap substitute for better oils.

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What is your return policy?

Skin by Nature Inc. policy is a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.