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About Us

Skin by Nature,Inc. was formed in January 2012 to sell the finest in natural skin care products at an affordable price.We have something most companies of this size don't have, a chemist with over 35 years experience in developing and formulating the most natural skin care products at the lowest cost to the customer.

We also have a very unique marketing system, through the Internet and distributors. We have a network of distributors but are always looking for special motivated individuals who would like to become distributors. Email customer service for details.

Skin by Nature Inc. has also set up a very specialized way for non-profit groups to raise money without the normal hassle associated with such endeavours. So , if you are a non-profit group and would like to find a way to generate income on a perpetual basis, send customer service an email.

We would also like you to give us feedback on products you buy.We have set up an email to our chemist for your questions concerning products or even your ideas on new products you would like to see. Your feedback is very important to us.

We look forward to serving you.