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"Mud in your Face"

"Mud in your Face"

  • $ 800

"Mud in your Face" contains Vitamins A, C & E. This scrub is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. It is the best at unclogging and removing excess oil from skin. It is great for detoxification and improving skin texture and also aids in acne prevention. This product contains Rhassoul clay (morrocan red clay). This ultra fine clay is great for exfoliating and deep cleaning of skin, especially oily skin. Mud in your Face also makes a great makeup remover. It is an excellent deterrent for acne and those suffering from rosacea. Now available in lemon grass, peppermint or unscented.

Ingredients: water, almond oil, grape seed oil, flax seed oil, aloe vera, glycerine, oatmeal, rhassoul clay, a natural emulsifier and fragrance if scented.

Usage: Maybe used several times a week followed by your favorite SbN moisturizer.

View a description of our fragrances by visiting the Fragrance Dictionary link. 

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