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“Can’t Dew Without You” Facial Cleanser

“Can’t Dew Without You” Facial Cleanser

  • $ 600

Our new Facial Cleanser is part of our “Can’t Dew Without You” product line. This cleanser is all natural and made for the most discerning of people who do not want to use soap on their face. This calming cleanser pulls impurities. It is pH balanced, so as not to disrupt the skin’s natural mantel, while washing away makeup and excess oil. This product clarifies the skin, minimizing the appearance of pores, preparing it for the next steps in your skin care routine. Follow with a refreshing spritz of “Can’t Dew Without You” Hydrating Mist and your favorite SbN moisturizer.

Our Facial Cleanser is available in several scents and unscented. It is now for all skin types. This product is available in an 8 oz. bottle and 4 oz. bottle with flip top cap.

Ingredients:  Water, witch hazel, glycerine, aloe vera and fragrance if scented.

Usage: Use morning and at night.

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