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“Can’t Dew Without You” Eye Cream

“Can’t Dew Without You” Eye Cream

  • $ 650

The long wait is over and our new “Can’t Dew Without You” Eye Cream is now available. This eye cream does everything you would like to see in an eye cream, including softening lines, softening and smoothing wrinkles and getting rid of those dark circles. This product also relieves the puffiness under eyes. With ingredients including grape seed oil for one of the best in reversing age it is high in anti-oxidants. It is also high in Vitamin E which we all know can turn back the time. It is also high in Jojoba Oil which is the best softening ingredient on the market. This all natural based product is available in a 1 oz. jar.

Ingredients: water, grape seed oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, a natural emulsifier and glycerine.

Usage: apply delicately under the eyes morning and night.


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